Next Event – Mission Beach – October 11 & 12, 2014

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WSA surfer John Silver in 1977. John still surfs WSA in the Kahunas 60+ division. Also shown Bobby Burchell who lives in Encinitas and Dan Frazier

Tons of great photos from Ventura now up on PC@shericrummer @malia_ward @noahohenester

September 20 & 21, 2014. Donnie Solomon Memorial Event. All photos by Sheri Crummer

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Rod was a WSA Boys Champion and went on to win the USA Championships in 1974.

Photos of Surfing Walk of Fame
@ for Local Hero on the Surfing Walk of Fame. 1974 Boys USA Champion. HB City Champion. Southside…

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Results of the WSA Championship Tour Event #2 Donnie Solomon Memorial, Surfers Point, Ventura. September 20 & 21, 2014
400 + Competitors – 2 days – double areas – 19 hours of heats!

1. Maddox Bray, San Clemente
2. Eli Park, Carlsbad
3. Jaxson Hutcheon, Laguna…

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Love it or hate it, El Nino is on it’s way!

El Nino Declaration Just Weeks Away From Forming With Impacts To Southern California
Southern California Weather – Indexes are favoring an El Nino Pattern developing as early as October and lasting…

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This is Sheri Crummer. I would like to thank the support from everyone throughout the years as the WSA photographer. It’s been an absolute pleasure watching the kids grow up and photographing everyone. I only hope through the imagery I’ve stoked you out. As of today, I have resigned as the WSA photographer. All WSA photos on will…

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Cole mcCaffray KiND snacks high wave of the day 9.1.