It's trophy time at WSA event No. 9

Micro Grom Boys U9 winner Eli Park stopped to by thank beach marshal @andreaswayne after the trophy presentations. Congratulations Eli and all of the other competitors for a great regular season. We are looking forward to seeing all who qualified at West Coast Championships.

Push in micros!

@texmitchellsurfs and @mylesbiggs waiting to check in for their round 2 Boys U12 heat

Another international event with Reed from the Tofino area of Canada surfing in this contest.

Ella looking strong.

Jake Tellkamp spittin some smooth on the mic

If you've had you jaw dropped by the skill of girl surfers like Caroline Marks, Bella Kenworthy is like that in a really small package.

Kirsten on a frothy one.

Pat doing double duty making the longboard finals yesterday and ripping on the short stick.