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Beyond Sight Movie Playing at Edwards Theater in Aliso Viejo, California starting this Friday April 25th!
Beyond Sight Movie Friends,

If you or your friends missed the Beyond Sight at the San Clemente or Newport Beach theaters, then we have good…

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We will be emailing and text messaging you later this week, with registration instructions for the WSA West Coast Championships at Church, San Onofre State Beach May 11 & 12. You will receive an invitation if you surfed the minimum of 5 regular season events in a division. If you don’t receive instructions by Saturday and you…

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Dane’s AMAZING!!!

Dane’s dozen
Sure, you’ve seen em, (probably with a different style of music behind them), but they’re possibly the best 12 clips of Dane Reynolds you’ve ever seen… (Footage: Mini Blanchard)

Happy Earth Day. Please do something positive for our Ocean today!

WSAer Stephanie Schechter had an awesome experience recently…

Slice Of Life | Meet Winifred, the Pinniped! | Swell Blog: Guest Series by Stephanie Schechter
After class on Thursday, April 3, 2014, the waves were pretty flat, so I went for a paddle at…

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Happy Easter from the WSA! Hope you find a barrel today…

This incredible girl has a new book coming out.

Check out this video as I share about my new book #body&soul; Don’t forget to Pre-order your copy today!

Looks like fun!

Surfer Makes The Best of Flood | Ocean/River Hybrid Surfing
These Hawaiians don’t let flooding keep them down… they bust out their boards and ride. AWESOME. Not seeing all our posts? Subscribe on YouTube: http://bit.ly/JukinSubscriber

First thing someone that doesn’t surf asks you if you surf, “aren’t you afraid of sharks?” No, and here is why.

These Things Kill More People Than Sharks
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Happy Easter! Watch this @ Noon on Sunday…

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4/20 on @… #MargiesPro