2015/2016 Salt Life WSA Championships Tour Starts August 1 & 2

The Salt Life WSA Championship Tour 2015/2016 Season kicks off next weekend at beautiful Trail 6 at San Onofre State Beach.  Surfline is forecasting a fun 2 – 3 foot combo swell with light winds all weekend.  Make sure you enter by the Wedensday midnight deadline.  As we did last season, all Boys U16, Boys U18, Girls U18, all…

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Heat Draws and Schedule for Salt Life WSA Championship Tour Event 1


#microgrommonday #mgm Next generation of groms tore up Trail 6 #sanonofrestatebeach this weekend. A field of 18 girls under 10 and 18 boys under 9 in our push in divisions! The future is bright! @realsaltlife @stickybumpswax @trustthebum @1law @surfline @surfer_magazine @surfingmagazine @surfersvillage @thesurfchannel @themermaidsocietyonline

Bella Kenworthy showing the girls, of pretty much all ages, how to do it

Steele shredding a little inside nug

How's the seaweed hula skirts on these two lil cuties

Huge awards attendance - and this is only half

Awesome to see Ty healthy and in the water ripping

Tyrone! Ripping @tyronefomenko

What a sick paint job on Hendrick's board. Waxing up for his heat.

Stoke level off the charts with this grom! @danematson

Great to see Bane back in the water and ripping. A while ago when I was shooting Lowers Bane got a nasty fun cut to the head that required staples